The double double earl grey latte (aka the best earl grey latte ever) - The First Messpin it!I know that elixirs with all kinds of weird and wonderful powders are very much the movement du jour (and I love them!), but you can’t deny that one of the OG non-coffee cozy drinks is the earl grey latte. I find the quality of this drink varies significantly from place to place, especially when non-dairy milk is in the mix. I have a simple and streamlined version in my book that I love, but I can never help tinkering a bit. I like heavy vanilla warmth in my earl grey lattes, and detectable bergamot is also key. I doubled up both components in this version and it’s pretty much perfect for my taste. We’ve had so much rain lately, and one of these with a sweet bite in the afternoon is just the thing to make the best of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve popped in here with some links for you guys, so this edition is a touch on the long side. Hope everyone gets some rest and recharge time over the weekend. I think I’m going full KonMari on my office, so hopefully I see you all on the other side ;)

GT Dave (of Synergy Kombucha/Synergy Drinks) drinks 2 gallons of kombucha a day and talks about valuing clarity of mind over having an adult drink, which I admire big time.

Worldwide chili paste, deal me in.

An old one, but still so heartwarming. Three elderly nuns adopt a senior pit bull. Heaven is a place on earth if you’re looking :)

“Our official stance is that it is a healthy snack.” Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the NBA. Just in time for the playoffs, right? Also, the term “jelly-come-lately” is inspired.

But have you considered a unicorn’s feelings on unicorn foods/beverages?

I’m really into quality grocery stores. I frame day trips around them and find ways to work them into the itinerary when we travel. So obviously The Best Grocery Store in America series from Epicurious speaks to me. And hey! They even featured my all-time fave Wegmans.

43 Self-Care Practices for the Highly Sensitive Person. One big hug to Renee for putting this out there and for compiling all of these helpful tips. I feel more in tune with myself and my needs just by virtue of reading this one.

Selenite is a go-to of mine when I’m craving mental clarity and a touch of life focus. The Chalkboard breaks down a few more reasons to consider adding these incredible harmonizers to your collection.

House of Citrine is my new favourite website.

I appreciate GOOP’s dedication to finding healthy options at fast food joints, but major LOL at “If you’re craving French fries, go for an OG baked potato…” Maybe just have fries?

Favourite Instagram follows lately: @mississippivegan + @thelifetraveller + @kamrantsg

Shameless self promo: Take a look inside my refrigerator! Also, I loved chatting with Elizabeth from Brooklyn Supper for The Kitchn. Also if you’re in DC or LA, keep checking the bottom of my cookbook page for some fun-tasty events I have coming up. I’ve got some Fall stuff in Ontario shaping up too :)

The double double earl grey latte (aka the best earl grey latte ever) - The First Messpin it!
Print the recipe here!
NOTES: Important note on bergamot essential oil usage! I’ve received some questions about the ingestion of essential oil with this recipe. I’m not an expert on anything, but I will offer this from my extensive Googling: it seems like a lot of the danger associated with ingesting citrus essential oils is their tendency to “sit on top” of any liquid they’re consumed with (like a drop in a glass of water or something). If you’re going to consume an essential oil like this, it seems like small quantity, dilution + even dispersal within the mixture with some kind of fat and other liquid is necessary. I do both of those things with this recipe, but in light of what I’ve recently read about this issue, I would probably classify this drink as an occasional treat. Of course, I won’t coerce anyone into drinking anything. If you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of ingredient, I totally understand. I also realize that most people don’t have bergamot essential oil just hanging out in their cabinet, so it’s worth noting that lots of tea purveyors will make a “double bergamot” version of earl grey.

4 teaspoons loose leaf earl grey tea (or 2 hefty teabags)
12 ounces boiling water
sweetener, to taste (maple syrup, honey, stevia, cane sugar)
12 ounces plant-based milk of choice
1 ½ teaspoons coconut oil
¼ teaspoon vanilla powder (optional)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 drop bergamot essential oil

Select 2 cups. Divide the tea in half and place in strainers/DIY tea bags. Set the tea strainers/bags in the cups and cover each one with 6 ounces of the boiling water. Let the tea steep for 4 full minutes. Discard the bags and sweeten the tea if you wish.

Bring the milk to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat. While it’s coming up to a simmer, add the following to an upright blender: the coconut oil, vanilla powder, vanilla extract, and bergamot essential oil.

Pour the warm milk into the blender. Put the lid on and slowly bring the speed of the blender up to high for about 15 seconds. Divide the frothy, fragrant milk among the two cups and enjoy immediately.

  • Rosie22/04/2017 - 3:30 am

    How great was Renee’s post? I also really appreciated her self-care tips. This tea looks lovely, and I think makes number 44 on the list…ReplyCancel

  • Maya | Spice + Sprout22/04/2017 - 11:19 am

    I remember my first “london fog” so clearly! I was in high school and it was a rainy spring day. I went to this trendy cafe with my friends after school and we all ordered this new, interesting sounding drink. I was hooked forever after! Love all your links and sense of humour as always xoReplyCancel

  • Melissa22/04/2017 - 1:34 pm

    Love your articles :) Just a heads up that you have a typo — ’43 Sell-Care’ instead of ’43 Self-Care’.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny22/04/2017 - 5:42 pm

    Hey, this looks delicious! I was wondering where you get your loose leaf earl grey.ReplyCancel

  • Lee | LifeNaturalee24/04/2017 - 7:04 am

    I don’t know why but I love to look at other people’s fridges (as I do to look at other people’s grocery carts…) So I loved to check on that article :) Boy, does your fridge looks like heaven!ReplyCancel

  • callie24/04/2017 - 4:24 pm

    Hi Laura,

    I had fabulous success with yet another one of your recipes this weekend. The Banana Scones from your cookbook are heavenly. Thank you :)

    I am wondering what cookies you have pictured with your tea?


    • Laura24/04/2017 - 8:21 pm

      Hi Callie!

      So happy that you enjoyed the banana bread scones from the book :)

      These cookies are the chocolate chunk cookies from Jessica Murnane’s “One Part Plant” cookbook. It’s my favourite cookie recipe of all time–plus the rest of the book is pretty great.


  • Caras Kitchen26/04/2017 - 12:42 am

    So many great links- I cant wait to read Renee’s. Also earl grey is my fav tea by far. I am not sure if you drink alcohol but it is damn good with a nice vodka and a little simple syrup for a delicious cocktail. xoReplyCancel

  • Maria26/04/2017 - 5:24 pm

    YUM!! Love the extra hint of bergamot:) Earl Grey Lattes are such a perfect afternoon tea treat. They are my absolute favorite. I’ll be making them for a mother’s day tea coming up at our houseReplyCancel

  • Robin26/04/2017 - 5:29 pm

    Have you tried Abokichi’s Chili Okazu ( It’s made in Toronto – they have a storefront on Dupont near Spadina – and so very addictive. It’s not super spicy, so you can eat it by the spoonful with just about any rice bowl. I thought of it when I saw the chili pastes link, and I don’t see it in your fridge :). Now I’m off to find Wildfire’s salsa …ReplyCancel

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