A roundup of 20 warm drinks to keep you cozy, healthy, and thriving through the Winter season.

GOLDEN SERENE LATTE ✨ - The First Mess1. GOLDEN SERENE LATTE: Espresso and spiced golden milk make cozy and magical beverage perfection together. I also include a lot of notes on the best plant-based milks for frothing and my personal favourite frothing device in this post.

#VEGAN BULLETPROOF COFFEE - The First Mess2. BETTER THAN BULLETPROOF COFFEE: Raw cashew butter is are secret weapon here. Once you throw it in the blender with some hot coffee, it becomes so creamy and frothy. Some version of this is usually my first beverage in the morning, and it wakes me right up :)

GINGER MAPLE MOLASSES LATTE - The First Mess3. GINGER MAPLE MOLASSES LATTE: With molasses and ground ginger, this one has a bit of a ginger cookie vibe. It’s just spices and warm almond milk, but it could definitely stand up to a bit of coffee or strong-brewed black tea if you need a kick.

FEEL BETTER TEA - The First Mess4. FEEL BETTER TEA: This warm sipper of gently heated pineapple juice with ginger, spices, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup hits the spot if you’re starting to get a few sniffles. I find that pineapple soothes my throat like nothing else when it’s sore or just rough from all the Winter dryness.

LEMON LAVENDER TEA LATTE - The First Mess5. LEMON LAVENDER TEA LATTE: You can customize this tea latte based on what kind of tea you like to drink (black, yerba mate, rooibos etc). The lemon and lavender lift the flavour profile up, but they keep everything calm and soothing too. When made with slightly sweet rooibos tea, this one almost has a lemon meringue feel.

COCONUT CASHEW MATCHA LATTE - The First Mess6. COCONUT CASHEW MATCHA LATTE: A throw-it-all-in-the-blender approach to matcha lattes. The cashews make this creamy and have a bit of natural sweetness as well. My favourite matcha these days is any of the entry level “balanced” ones (ie not the mega pricy umami ones) by Ippodo Tea.

CACAO HAZELNUT HUG - The First Mess7. CACAO HAZELNUT HUG: This one shamelessly tastes like a warm mug of nutella goodness, but with health-supporting ingredients. The froth on this one is unreal–something about the combination of coconut AND hazelnut butter.

COCONUT BUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE - The First Mess8. COCONUT BUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE: A delicious go-to hot choclate sweetened with dates and with a kiss of coconut. The preparation method for this one is unusual and very fun. Hot water and chopped chocolate are combined in an upright blender for deeply creamy results ;)

INSTANT CALM TEA LATTE - The First Mess9. INSTANT CALM TEA LATTE: Chamomile and lavender join forces in this soothing warm drink. Vanilla mellows the flavour out even further. This one is perfect for your evening wind down routine.

ADAPTOGENIC HOT COCOA - The First Mess10. ADAPTOGENIC HOT COCOA: A simple almond butter-based cocoa with a linch of cordyceps powder to keep you energized and help you cope with stress. I extra love a bit of cordyceps right before a workout–it’s like a very wholesome liquid motivation for me.

BLUE MAJIK TODDY WITH GINGER & LEMON - The First Mess11. BLUE MAJIK TODDY WITH GINGER & LEMON: I typically reserve Blue Majik (a form of spirulina) for my smoothies, but this alternative beverage hits me just right when I’ve been over-indulging a bit. The lemon and ginger are nice and sharp here.

DOUBLE BERGAMOT, DOUBLE VANILLA EARL GREY LATTE - The First Mess12. DOUBLE BERGAMOT, DOUBLE VANILLA EARL GREY LATTE: Better than any earl grey latte you could buy, honestly.

VEGAN WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA WITH HERBAL COFFEE - The First Mess14. WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA WITH HERBAL COFFEE: This one came to be when I needed to find a use for some cacao butter that was languishing in my pantry. This one is sweet and decadent. Feel free to make it with legit coffee, rather than herbal ;)

SWEET FIRE TONIC - The First Mess15. SWEET FIRE TONIC: A gently warmed juice of orange, carrot, and ginger with some cayenne and apple cider vinegar. Pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better if you’re stuffed up or just feeling kinda blah.

MELLOW MINT MOCHA #vegan #dairyfree - The First Mess16. MELLOW MINT MOCHA: An herbal coffee concoction (no caffeine!) with the indulgent pairing of mint and cocoa. Fresh, cozy, comforting, and a little festive.

COZY CARROT CAKE LATTE - The First Mess17. COZY CARROT CAKE LATTE: All the rich flavours of carrot cake in one healthy latte. Loaded with coconut cream, warm spices, and tangy citrus.

MAPLE WALNUT HOT CHOCOLATE (vegan recipe) - The First Mess18. MAPLE WALNUT HOT CHOCOLATE: Nutty, maple-y and chocolaty perfection! Soaked walnuts are blended into the “milk” of this one.

TURMERIC & VANILLA SPICE LATTE - The First Mess19. TURMERIC & VANILLA SPICE LATTE: I go right to this drink when I have some back pain or sore muscles. The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric are easy to love, but the flavour of this drink is so comforting with all the cinnamon and vanilla.

HOT COCOA WITH COCONUT, CARDAMOM & SEA SALT - The First Mess20. HOT COCOA WITH COCONUT, CARDAMOM & SEA SALT: Caramel-like sweetness from dates and a base “milk” is formed out of hot water, almond and coconut butters. Cardamom and sea salt make it so heavenly.

And bonus! Here’s a few other high vibrational beverages from around the internet that I have my eye on. Let me know what kind of winter warmers you’ve been sipping on lately in the comments.

🖤 “Not Coffee” Homemade Mushroom Coffee Mix from Yum Universe
🖤 Magical Moon Time Latte from Wholehearted Eats
🖤 Bliss Miss with Tocomellows from Moon Juice
🖤 Macadamia Yerba Mate Latte from Will Frolic For Food
🖤 Healing Chaga Latte from House of Citrine
🖤 5 Ways to Make a Dirty Chai Latte at Home from Brewing Happiness
🖤 Pistachio Rose Matcha Latte from Tending The Table
🖤 SUPERGOOD Golden Milk from Oh Ladycakes
🖤 Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte from Honestly Yum
🖤 Lavender Bedtime Milk from Kale and Caramel

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