A head-on shot displaying the finished spicy and stormy booch recipe in a frosty glass with a wheel of lime.

Hey, happy weekend! I’m trying to get back in the rhythm of doing these beverage + link posts, so forgive the gap. Mark and I are in Seattle on a little vacation this weekend. We bought tickets to see Dead and Company at The Gorge and decided to build a little trip out of it. Excited to eat Frankie & Jo’s ice cream for five days straight! Lol.

This is my go-to drink at the end of a long or rough day–or just when I’m feeling like a little something to drink on my porch. It’s essentially spiced rum with ginger kombucha and a squeeze of lime over a ton of crushed ice. It couldn’t be simpler or more refreshing. Hope you love it as much as I do! Here’s a few links to check out at your leisure. Hugs! <3

David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth, on the latest episode of the Dave Chang Show podcast. Dave’s interview style is very get-to-the-point and Wallace-Wells is famously frank on how bad the climate crisis actually is. This is a jarring listen.

Urfa pepper is my favourite spice/ingredient in general right now. It’s a dried chili flake that’s smoky, earthy, and tangy at the same time. It’s perfect sprinkled on pretty much anything. You can learn a bit more about it in this article.

Building a mindfulness practice has its own special set of roadblocks. Switching to walking meditation (as mentioned in this article) has been helpful for me lately.

“In many ways, it has been weird to watch this ingredient that has always felt so quotidian to me become so ubiquitous so quickly in the U.S. This is certainly not the first Indian ingredient or dish this has happened to.” 

Is La Croix cancelled?

How to tackle the dreaded “Tell me about yourself?” question/conversation prompt.

“If you wanted to design a system to break empathy, you could scarcely do better than the society we’ve created. And in some ways, empathy has broken. Many scientists believe it’s eroding over time.”

How to follow your calling and find purpose.

I had no idea that Eater was running a feature called The Week in Guy Fieri, but now that I know, I’m locked in for LIFE.


Print the recipe here!
I prefer crushed ice for this one! Just adds a nice textural element to the fizz.

crushed ice
1 ½ oz spiced rum
½ teaspoon fresh lime juice
6 oz (¾ cup) ginger-flavoured kombucha

In a medium-sized glass, combine the crushed ice, rum, and lime juice. Give it a little stir to combine. Top the ice mixture with the ginger kombucha. Garnish the stormy booch with a lime wheel and a thin slice of ginger if you like. Enjoy immediately.

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