Smoky and Spicy White Bean Stew with Potatoes & Kale - The First Messpin it!
Smoky and Spicy White Bean Stew with Potatoes & Kale - The First Messpin it!
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  • Timothy Pakron15/05/2019 - 11:41 am

    Looks great! So comforting and delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah | Well and Full15/05/2019 - 2:44 pm

    This stew looks fabulous! It’s been raining nonstop here in CT (which I don’t mind! My flowers need it!), so soups and stews have been my go-to. I also really appreciate your words on your social media break. I have not taken more than a day off of Instagram in over a year so I am due for a break myself! I’m actually leaving to go to Disney World with my family later this week, so I think I’m going to take my break then :)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda16/05/2019 - 12:18 pm

    I just made this and it was absolutely delicious! It’s also still chilly and rainy here in Ireland (but that’s not a surprise!) so this was perfect. Thank you!ReplyCancel

Ridiculously Good Tahini Date Shake with Coffee - The First Messpin it!
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  • Marty04/05/2019 - 11:47 am

    Oh my! No fresh dates, so soaking some now. Can’t wait!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth04/05/2019 - 12:50 pm

    This shake sounds so good! I would love to visit a farm sanctuary. Enjoy your time in Iowa with the animals!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn LeDuc-Krehel04/05/2019 - 1:13 pm

    Made it! So good :) I added a tiny bit of cacao powder because why not? Haha ✌thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Jen @ Sweetgreenkitchen.com06/05/2019 - 5:09 pm

    This sounds amazing! Love tahini and dates, what a great combination, I can’t wait to try it.ReplyCancel

  • Meghan06/05/2019 - 10:34 pm

    I am psyched to try this shake out tomorrow! Why did I never think of coffee + tahini!

    I, too, swooned over those Golubka Kitchen brownies a few days ago, and made them in a pan as opposed to muffin tins and they turned out so fudgy and decadent and SO close to cheesecake-y that I intend to make them again this week; make them, stat!ReplyCancel

    • Masha08/05/2019 - 10:52 am

      Hi Meghan,

      We are so happy to hear that you loved the brownies! Never thought about them in that way, but you are so right, they are very cheesecake-y after being refrigerated :)ReplyCancel

  • Masha08/05/2019 - 10:50 am

    OMG this drink looks unbelievable! I so wish I could handle coffee just to try this but will definitely be trying it with a chicory ‘coffee’ or some other Dandy Blend-ish thing. Thank you so much for the brownie shout out <3ReplyCancel

  • Smadar09/05/2019 - 10:37 am

    So I don’t love halva but with the coffee and tons of ice in this the tahini tastes amazing. Sooooo creamy and frothy.ReplyCancel

    • Laura12/05/2019 - 2:10 pm

      I am weirdly not a lover of halva either, even though I love sesame everything. I think it’s just too sweet for me? So glad you enjoyed this though!

  • Tessa14/05/2019 - 1:26 pm

    Just popped over to your site for the first time in a while and am excited to see this! Trying to figure out how I’m going to eat 6 dates a day during my last trimester of pregnancy (supposedly helps with labor onset/speed) and this looks like the answer (maybe with decaf, maybe not…). I haven’t tried the boiling water method, but I’ve had luck before blending the dates and liquid first, then adding the other ingredients.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa15/05/2019 - 1:23 pm

    Just wanted to say this shake is amazing! I have already made it three times. I did add a frozen banana and a little protein powder to make it more of a breakfast :) Also thank you for the recommendations for tahini, I ordered the Soom brand and it is delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Cassie Autumn Tran18/05/2019 - 12:41 am

    Tahini and dates are TO DIE FOR together! This must taste like a smoothie from the heavens above. I’ll definitely use decaf coffee because I am SUPER sensitive to caffeine. Other than that, this smoothie would probably become my new obsession!ReplyCancel

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  • Lynn Mervosh01/05/2019 - 6:18 am

    Such a lovely recipe and post! And, so beautifully said! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jean01/05/2019 - 8:33 am

    Since I won’t be able to hear you speak on Saturday I’m so glad you shared your thoughts here…encouraging, inspirational and enlightening, as always. Plus the overnight bircher- muesli is a nice change from my old standby overnight oats recipe. Best of luck to you at the conference!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah | Well and Full01/05/2019 - 9:12 am

    I LOVE your attitude about this. There are definitely some very vocal people on social media who espouse this idea that unless you’re a perfect, 100% vegan, you’re not making an impact. But I definitely agree that millions of people taking small steps to become more plant-based is what really makes a difference. Every little bit counts :)ReplyCancel

  • Tracey01/05/2019 - 9:47 am

    These are sound words Laura. I am going to make the muesli for my first breakfast tomorrow.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley01/05/2019 - 2:08 pm

    Thanks for your inspiring words! This looks like the perfect no-fuss Spring/Summer breakfast or snack. I agree that vanilla Lavva is so good – perfect sweetness and tang! Definitely better than their other flavors ;)ReplyCancel

  • Eva O' Brien01/05/2019 - 4:28 pm

    Thank you for this lovely post! I especially very much liked how you speak about intention. “Let it be your guide!”
    I agree, and I would also add, if I may, that, as I’ve observed it, the more we pay attention to working on ourselves at this level, cultivating and growing good and helpful intentions of kindness and compassion, the more good we will naturally do in every way.
    We can all help to make a little change in the world by changing what we buy and what we eat, but in my opinion we can make an even more powerful gift to the world by changing ourselves from inside; each day trying to exchange a bit of selfishness for generosity, a bit of laziness for some effort, a bit of impatience for patience, a bit of anger for some compassion. All good actions start from good thoughts and intentions. Thank you for continuing to share your kind intentions! And I will be trying this recipe, it looks delicious :)ReplyCancel

    • Marsh04/05/2019 - 11:19 am

      I loved what Laura wrote and I love your response just as much, especially your last paragraph. Words to live by, from both of you. Nice way to start my day– thanks!ReplyCancel

  • NB01/05/2019 - 9:03 pm

    Love your blog! And this recipe is next on my list. Can you please let me know the details on those glass jars with the wooden lids? Just what I was looking for! ThanksReplyCancel

    • Laura02/05/2019 - 7:13 am

      You can find similar canisters at The Container Store, one of their actual stores or their online shop.

  • Heather R.01/05/2019 - 9:15 pm

    I had the pleasure of eating this today. So tasty! Thanks for sharing the recipe and your thoughtful words :)ReplyCancel

  • Jo Scard02/05/2019 - 4:58 am

    Can you make this ahead for a few days/entire week?ReplyCancel

    • Laura02/05/2019 - 7:14 am

      Yep! You could make up to 3 servings ahead of time I think. Otherwise, the chia seems to absorb too much of the liquid and makes the mixture quite thick. But if you don’t mind that, go ahead and make more!

  • Aleisha02/05/2019 - 10:42 pm

    This sounds so delicious! Can those brands of coconut yogurt be found in Ontario? If not, what brands of coconut yogurt do you recommend that are? If yes, where can I find them?


    • Laura12/05/2019 - 2:11 pm

      Hi Aleisha,
      Unfortunately I do grab these brands of yogurt in the US. For Ontario options, I’d go to Yoso’s unsweetened coconut milk yogurt.

  • Jenny MacKenzie04/05/2019 - 1:34 pm

    Is it bad that I had to google what “Bircher museli” was ‍♀️. Whelp! Now I know. Made this and it was delicious! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Sherry11/05/2019 - 9:39 am

    Laura, where do you find these yogurt brands? I hadn’t realized they were available in Canada! I haven’t yet seen any of them around Toronto. (The unusual Lavva ingredients look interesting — it would be cool to give it a try.)

    Thanks for this welcome reminder of a simple classic!ReplyCancel

    • Laura12/05/2019 - 2:09 pm

      Hi Sherry!
      I actually live right be a US border crossing and have been grabbing these yogurts in western New York. Hopefully one day soon they’ll make it over to our side of the border!

  • Maria13/05/2019 - 8:41 am

    Hello Laura, I tried your recipe and it’s very, very good. Added a tsp of organic peanut butter on top.
    I translated your recipe to Portuguese and put in my blog with the link to your recipe. Hope it’s ok with you :)ReplyCancel

  • Cassie Autumn Tran13/05/2019 - 9:28 pm

    I made a muesli with ground flaxseed, coconut, cinnamon, and rolled oats, then soaked them in almond milk, turmeric, a little black pepper, and Stevia. MY LORD WAS I HOOKED. Next time I need to add more seeds for variety, crunch, nutrition, and extra aesthetics–pumpkin and sunflower seeds are phenomenal–and your take on it is so inspiring! What kind of yogurt did you use–was the base coconut?ReplyCancel

Iced Vanilla Oat Matcha - The First Messpin it!
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  • Deborah27/04/2019 - 6:56 am

    Bach’s flower remedy Rescue Remedy and Lavender essential oil I find helpful for calming the nerves before speaking!ReplyCancel

  • Sara27/04/2019 - 8:53 am

    Reading aloud to yourself or a partner, over and over, before the presentation, is the best edit, I find. It’s also a way to get the rhythm of the sentences more lodged in your brain so it becomes more natural, more like talking and less like a speech. Takes the edge off at show time. Something about hearing your actual voice as opposed to just reading visually. You’ll be great! I read recently to assume the reader (audience) for your work is a friend. Not an adversary, but also not a mere spectator. I think that generous disposition really makes a difference.ReplyCancel

  • helen27/04/2019 - 11:29 am

    Thanks for your great recipes and conversation!

    Tapping or EFT is very effective for public speaking nerves.

    Here’s a youtube example

  • Ashley28/04/2019 - 11:57 am

    Check out Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk titled “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.” I showed it to my students in our technical and professional writing course before they did their final presentations this semester!

    And don’t underestimate the power of some alternate nostril breathing before you take the mic.

    You’ve got this.ReplyCancel

  • Oriana06/05/2019 - 1:36 pm

    I saw a Facebook video that explained nervous energy and excitement have the same physiological response in the body. It seems the way we perceive what’s happening can effect our success. Athletes who were asked if they were nervous before a big game often said I was really excited. Strangely enough as a singer this shift in perspective has helped me a lot. When I start to sweat and get jittery I remind myself that I am excited. That whatever I’m doing is a great opportunity and it helps me channel my energy into my performance instead of allowing it to drain me. Take a deep breath, be excited, know that people want you to do well. Just be your amazing self ReplyCancel

Miso grilled Portobello & Kale Caesar Pitas - The First Messpin it!
Miso grilled Portobello & Kale Caesar Pitas - The First Messpin it!
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  • thefolia24/04/2019 - 12:37 pm

    Happy grilling and of course happy feasting!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole27/04/2019 - 12:43 pm

    I can’t get over how amazing these were and easy to make! They are going to be on my recipe rotation for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Allison | UpBeet Kitchen27/04/2019 - 2:01 pm

    This looks delicious! What a great idea for a pita filling. I don’t have a grill pan or a barbecue, so I think I am going to try roasting the portobellos at a reasonably high temperature instead.ReplyCancel