Saturday Sun 10.07.2023

Created by Laura Wright
An overhead shot shows a bunch of squash and gourds piled up on top of each other in direct sunlight.

Hello and happy Saturday. Here in Canada, it’s a long weekend for Thanksgiving. If you’re still looking for recipes when this goes live, I have all my bests rounded up here. We are hosting my family on Sunday and it’s looking like it will be rainy and cold all weekend. Sitting by the fire after a big meal is in my future and that makes me glad. While our Thanksgiving is definitely more low key than our American neighbours, I will definitely be seeking out extra pockets of quiet time.

I also just realized that it’s been one full year of Saturday Sun! I love checking in with everyone here, and sharing what I’m learning, the things that are inspiring me, and the little joyful things. This weekly newsletter-ish post continues to be some of my best performing content, which just blows my mind. I thought about doing it for over a year, thinking that folks may not want this kind of thing. I’m so glad that I just went ahead with it! Thank you for being here.

That’s it for me today. Gotta go get some last minute groceries and organize my prep spreadsheet haha. Take care this weekend ♥️

5 Things I’m Reading:

  1. Feeding seaweed to cows can cut methane emissions
  2. The New Old Age
  3. Dog repeatedly escapes animal shelter, sneaks into nursing home, is adopted by residents
  4. The Beauty of a Silent Walk
  5. We’ve Hit Peak Beverage

5 Things I’m Enjoying:

  1. Bath season is here and this soak is my favourite treat for the tub. I use half the amount suggested to get a bit more out of it 🥰
  2. Homemade pumpkin pie spice >>>
  3. Such a cute Halloween craft project!
  4. Definitely watching Encounters this weekend
  5. I’m loving Nuts For Cheese’s new vegan cream cheese and was so excited to create a recipe in partnership with them: Vegan Pumpkin Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toast

5 Questions:

  1. How do you approach cooking for non-vegan family members over the holidays?
    I get asked this a lot and it’s a very timely question! My family is coming over this weekend and they are not vegan! They eat everything. My dad and brother are a bit fussy (dad is a meat and potatoes kinda guy that enjoys most veg, brother eats meat and only likes some veg) and my mom leans vegetarian. I am plant-based and my partner eats everything. So a short answer: my partner cooks a meat entrée on Thanksgiving and I make a veggie entrée plus a bunch of sides that accommodate everyone’s preferences. I know that this might upset some vegans, but it’s just the reality of our situation. Ultimately I host people because I want to spend time with them. Cooking familiar things helps everyone relax and makes for a way more pleasant evening.
  2. Opinion on ceramic nonstick?
    I use it and like it! I have the Always Pan (their proprietary coating called Thermakind is ceramic-based) and use it all the time. The most important things with any nonstick pan is to not take it over medium heat, only use wood or rubber/silicone tools in it, and don’t stick it in your dish water while it’s still hot from the stove (and related: don’t wash it in the dishwasher). All of these precautions help to preserve the nonstick coating for as long as possible.
  3. What sheet pan would you recommend to get a great crisp on roasted veggies?
    I use the Prism Half Sheet Pans by Nordic Ware and I love them SO much. The prism pattern allows for better air flow which leads to better crisping. I was lucky and grabbed a two pack on sale at my local Costco a couple years ago. I use them every day and they still look great and perform well. One of my best tricks for better crisping is to preheat your baking sheet in the oven with a splash of oil on it. When it’s time to add the veg, carefully bring it out of the oven and dump all of your cut veg and seasonings on top. You’ll hear the sizzle! Give it all a toss, spread everything out, and back into the oven.
  4. Is there a swap for tomatoes in recipes?
    I get this question surprisingly often. I think more and more folks are experiencing sensitivities to nightshades. To substitute tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes in a recipe, I would look to this recipe for no-mato sauce (Nicole’s site is an incredible resource for the AIP folks). It would be a good one to batch cook and freeze to have at the ready.
  5. Are you working on another book?
    Not at this precise moment, but I would like to. With holidays coming up and the cozy cooking season upon us, I’ve been busy publishing two recipes a week in addition to this weekend newsletter (and trying to keep up on Instagram, Pinterest etc). It’s just me running the show here, so my time is a bit limited, especially if I want to have a bit of balance. Hopefully in the new year I’ll find some time to finish a proposal for one :)


  • Lenka

    Your creativity is incredible :)
    I love your Sunday posts and am so grateful for all the content that you put on your blog and social media – I have never been disappointed by a recipe!!
    I also have your book and literally come to it every couple of days – it’s the best and most versatile cook book I own. Knowing that you might be preparing a new one is amazing news:)

  • Sophie

    happy 1 year anniversary, saturday sun!! it’s become a part of my Saturday morning ritual and i love it!

  • Heidi

    Love your SatSun newsletter too! And, love that you accommodate the whole family or friends… I do the same. There are many items that we can share and most importantly sharing time together! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Taisa

    I look forward to these every week! Thank you for taking the time to put them together. That article about the shelter dog got me right in the feels, such a good doggo!! Also, patiently awaiting your next cookbook. :)

  • Elizabeth

    Yay for one year of Saturday Sun! I really look forward to these posts, and I’m loving the two recipe posts each week too. I know having an online business/brand is a ton of work. It might sound silly but your site really enriches my day-to-day life. I cook your recipes several times per week and appreciate your intentional, reflective and accepting vibe. Thank you for everything you bring to this space.

  • JNH

    This is just a quick note of thanks. Saturday/Sunday has been a staple of my last year, and I’ve come to really value this as a space to find new articles, recipes, and projects. Thanks for cultivating it!

  • Susan

    Glad you did start this post! Oh those Turban squash, so beautiful.
    Happy thanksgiving. Hugs fro here…….Idaho

  • Virginia

    Oh, I have been looking for an alternative to tomato sauce for a long time. Once upon a time Trader Joe’s, here in the states, had a carrot turmeric juice that I would use and it translated beautifully into some of the tomatoe based soups I make – some of which re yours :>). I haven’t seen it for some time which is rather sad, so thank you for the question and thank you for the recommendation. I have arthritis and the tomatoes really do a number on me if I over do them.

  • Danni

    Happy Thanksgiving! I love these Saturday Sun segments. It brings us back a little to the OG blog days and I’m here for it!

  • Allison

    Have you tried Nuts for Cheese butter? I’m looking for a brand to replace Miyoko’s vegan butter (because of all the off putting hoopla at the company).

    • Laura Wright

      I love Nuts for Cheese’s butter! It’s just as good as Miyoko’s.

  • Kim H

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving!

    If you’re ever looking for content, I’d love to hear more about the logistics of your prep spreadsheet! I kinda love those nerdy details :)