Saturday Sun 11.19.2022

Created by Laura Wright
A head on shot of a fire burning in a wood stove set against a pink-ish red brick fireplace. A stack of chopped wood is nearby.

Hey happy weekend! We’re supposed to get a snowstorm tonight, so it’s cozy times ahead for us. I stocked up the vegetables and salty snacks yesterday, and the pile of firewood is looking pretty great! I’ve had this intense craving for vegan nachos the past couple weeks, so I got supplies for that too. I’m kind of torn on whether I should make a cashew “cheese” sauce or try grating up a block of my fave chipotle cheddar from Nuts for Cheese. TBD!

I’m looking forward to the last Formula 1 race of the season too. Even though they have their winner for the year locked in, I just really enjoy waking up on a Sunday morning and having it on while I sip coffee and figure out what we’re doing that day. Traditions!

I know that some of my American friends are in the throes of holiday feast planning. As a reminder, all of my best recipes for this time of year can be found here. As for me, I’ll be squeezing in a bit of work, sitting by the fire, and probably shovelling snow all weekend. Be well!

5 Things I’m Reading:

  1. Separation Is The Largest Religion In The World
  2. The Orca and the Spider: On Motherhood, Loss, and Community
  3. “Most of what we think of as Thanksgiving is a myth. That includes the food.”
  4. Finding Ourselves When We Seek & Health As Relationship With Our Nature
  5. Embers by Richard Wagamese

5 Things I’m Enjoying:

  1. Loved watching Stutz on Netflix
  2. Listening to this: Get Rich Or Lie Trying: Ambition & Deceit in the New Influencer Economy
  3. Freaking out over Anna Potter’s wreaths
  4. Shocked that I never once thought of this chip and dip hack.
  5. This baby elephant tickling a journalist

5 Questions:

  1. How do you find motivation and inspiration to keep creating?
    Sometimes I don’t have any! I know that a “dry spell” comes about a few times a year for me, so I just really try to take advantage of the times that I do feel inspired and motivated to create, and just make things. Having low stakes hobbies (paint by number, playing tongue drum, going on deep dives with subjects that have nothing to do with food) and knowing when to rest have been really helpful for me. I also just always come back to why I started this site–to help people eat more plants and feel good :)
  2. Wind down/bedtime routine?
    I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last 6 months or so, but it’s been a lot better for the last week and a bit! We eat dinner early and I stop looking at my phone or the computer by 8pm. I make a cup of chamomile tea or some other herbal option. From there, we might watch a basketball game or something else that can be on in the background. I’m usually reading a book, folding laundry or doing some stretching while that’s on. Sometimes we’ll play Scrabble or something too. Once I’m starting to feel tired, I take my evening supplements and this adrenal tonic (the taste is WILD, like I can’t even explain it haha). I do a bit of evening journaling and then I head to bed!
  3. Favourite holiday song or playlist?
    Last Christmas by Wham! will always be tops for me. The 80’s have my heart forever.
  4. What equipment do you use for filming Reels?
    Nothing too fancy! I use my phone and this mount for holding it. I have a basic reflector for diffusing/bouncing light as well. I airdrop the clips from my phone to my computer and then edit the Reels in Final Cut Pro.
  5. Tips for when your partner isn’t vegan?
    My partner isn’t vegan so I know this well! I’m lucky that he will eat anything that I cook and he enjoys vegan food, so dinnertime is not a struggle for us at all. He does eat some animal products at home, and I am understanding and accepting of it. Everyone is different and we all have different needs! If we order takeout or dine at a restaurant, he’ll opt for animal products in that situation and it’s fine with me. It took me a while to get here!



  • leslie

    I just found you again and am loving these weekend posts. I agree with you regarding a non vegan partner, I’m actually just a vegetarian (over 30 years) and my husband is not. We don’t really cook any meat products in the house, he might have some cooked chicken in the fridge for his salads but we never actually cook meat. He most often orders a meat based meal when we order out or go to a restaurant. No problem for me overall but I am not perfect in some of my complaints when he orders something truly horrendous, ha ha. Both my daughters found their own way to being vegetarian too, it was hard not to impose it but I am so glad I just offered them good choices growing up and they chose to eat that way.

  • Melanie

    So enjoy these weekly posts, thank you. Hoping the snow shoveling wasn’t too grueling over the weekend. xo

  • Dana

    I LOVE Saturday Sun and I want to say how much I appreciate the tips around non-vegan partners – it’s something so many of us have negotiated through and I am grateful for the graceful way you write about your partnership re: experience of veganism!

  • Laura Perez Gavidia

    I’ve read your blog for years, and I’m so thankful there’s such great, inspiring people out there like you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful recipes and parts of your life!