Saturday Sun 01.28.2023

Image shows two dogs laying in the sun on top of an arm chair. A blanket is laid down where they are. One dog is sleeping while the other is looking out a window.

Hey happy weekend! This photo of Mickie and Cleo shows one of the few times that the sun has popped out over the last week or so. Even the doggies need to soak it in when the opportunity strikes! Following their lead, I try to go for a quick walk or at minimum stick my head out the door to enjoy it when I can.

This is the stretch of Winter where I find that I need to keep reminding myself that Spring will one day come, and to also really lean into the activities that keep my mood lifted and even. For me that’s everyday movement in some capacity–even if I’m really tired I’ll do some stretching when I wake up. That combined with my cold shower first thing (more on this below), and meditation are what’s making a difference this Winter. Last year’s cold and dark season was a bit rough for me, so I’ve really gone deep on the feel-good things that are admittedly sometimes tough to do consistently.

Movement and meditation is in the plan this weekend, along with a deep house clean, our nephew’s birthday party, and a new weekend baking project (cinnamon buns!). Some reads, things to watch and enjoy, and your questions below (with a bit of a mushroom through line) :)

5 Things I’m Reading:

  1. Is plant-based meat dying?
  2. What do bay leaves do? A lot, if you use them right.
  3. Changing how we talk can go a long way in banning toxic productivity from 2023
  4. Nothing Drains You Like Mixed Emotions
  5. Hunting for Mushrooms in the Forest of Memory (can’t wait to read Iliana Regan’s second memoir Fieldwork)

5 Things I’m Enjoying:

  1. Podcasts: Paul Stamets on America’s Dead & Lewis Hamilton’s episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  2. I’m not typically a fan of zombie stuff/post-apocalyptic subject matter in general, but I am really enjoying The Last of Us so far. Maybe it’s the mushroom thing?
  3. Just really looking forward to pizza and watching The Fabelmans tonight.
  4. I switched all of my digital planning over to Notion this year and it’s been SO good. Everything is in one place and I find it to be super intuitive and functional.
  5. My partner has swore by Uniqlo’s heattech base layers for years, so I finally caved and got some. They are a game changer for winter walks! It’s like magic how well they heat you up.

5 Questions:

  1. When you juice, do you store it in the fridge for later? Or only drink fresh?
    I’m still loving my Nama J2 so much and I love getting your juice questions! We usually just drink it fresh but sometimes I will make it ahead if I know we have a busy day the next day or there’s just a few extra things in the fridge that need to get used up ASAP. If you’re juicing ahead, I recommend putting it in a sealable jar and filling it right to the top so that as little air as possible can get to it. This preserves the colour and flavour. If you’re in the market for a new juicer, my Nama discount code is: TFM10
  2. Do you get Winter blues up north? And if so, how do you deal?
    Yes definitely! Winter can go into April here, which is… a lot of cold and grey days out of the year if I’m being honest. The things that have helped me over the years include: trying to enjoy the cold weather and to get out in it whenever possible (barring blizzard conditions haha). I invested in warm outdoor gear a few years ago and this has helped me enjoy Winter walks so much more. Just staying consistent with any kind of movement is key for me! A new thing for this year is my cold shower routine, which I’ve received a lot of questions about since first posting it. Huberman Lab has a whole page/episode about cold exposure and the benefits for physical performance, mood enhancement, and resilience. I do some kind of workout as soon as I wake up and follow it up with an ice cold shower for up to 3 minutes if I can handle it. I do soap up during this shower! I try to avoid washing my hair excessively, so I do that in a separate hot shower in the evening twice a week. There’s something about doing that hard thing right away in the morning and letting out those deep breaths to get through it that is so invigorating! I really think that it’s been a game changer for me this year.
  3. Do you have any favourite food storage containers?
    I love the ZWILLING Fresh & Save System. I do work with ZWILLING in a paid partnership capacity on Instagram, but I actually use this vacuum sealing system so much. It really blows my mind how much it extends the life of fresh berries, greens, pre-cut veggies, and frozen goods. For more decorative containers that are ideal for dried goods, I’m a fan of the wood-topped ones from The Breakfast Pantry because they have silicone rings in the lids to help seal the the goods inside.
  4. What are some of your best dishes to surprise/please vegan food skeptics?
    This mushroom and beet bolognese is incredible and so satisfying. Everyone seems to love this sweet potato coconut milk stew. This sticky and crispy sesame cauliflower blows people’s minds too.
  5. How are you making your coffee these days?
    It’s very precise! Haha. I make a hot americano and then blend that in my Vitamix with a splash of Silk Half & Half, a spoon of raw cashew butter, drop of vanilla extract, 10 vanilla stevia drops, a pinch of cinnamon, and about half a teaspoon of MCT oil. It’s creamy and frothy and delicious. I usually sprinkle a bit more cinnamon on top too. Something about this combo is really doing it for me lately!
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