Saturday Sun 09.02.2023

Created by Laura Wright
A head-on shot shows a dark garden shed with wood siding, surrounded by trees. There is a fence with planters in front of the shed.

Welcome to the first September weekend (and a long one for some of you). September is my favourite month of the year. The weather is always gorgeous in the region, it feels like every type of produce is in season, there’s an energy of renewal, and it’s also a return to routine. I am a big routine and sticking-to-the-plan kinda gal! Maybe it’s because I’m a Capricorn rising? I’ve always wanted to get my astrology chart read, so maybe now is the right time ;)

Looking forward to lots of time outside this weekend, grilling, maybe just a tiny bit of yard work, some deep cleaning and re-organizing to get ready for the season ahead, and also some time to sit with and revisit my goals for the remainder of the year. Hope that you’re taking care and getting some rest time in!

5 Things I’m Reading:

  1. The Long Goodbye
  2. How to Analyze Your Dreams, According to Professional Dream Interpreters
  3. One Simple Way to Slash Methane Pollution: Composting
  4. Why relaxation is as important as sleep – and six ways to do it better
  5. How the tiny Greek island of Tilos is throwing out the concept of waste

5 Things I’m Enjoying:

  1. Definitely watching Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones this weekend!
  2. It’s almost simmer pot season 😌
  3. Journal prompts for every emotion
  4. Going through the archives of Hey, Cool Life!, which is a “minipod” that focuses on mental health and creativity. Each episode maxes out at 20 minutes, which is nice for running errands.
  5. Back on the early afternoon matcha latte train! I use Lake & Oak’s Purely Matcha (so good), a few drops of vanilla stevia, and my fave homemade nut milk. So delicious and creamy, and I appreciate the calm energy boost.

5 Questions:

  1. Do you feel like you have finished moving into your house?
    The actual moving and settling, yes for sure. But making the home ours is taking longer than expected honestly (we’ve had some hiccups with a leaky upstairs roof, fallen trees, and a major plumbing issue). But I think that’s normal! We made some big improvements to the outdoor areas this summer (check out our newly painted shed + shed roof in the top photo!), which I’m really proud of. Good things take time and I can be indecisive. I like homes with character, warmth, and some quirky bits, which you can’t just order from a store and be done with it. I’m fine with taking things slow and steady if the end result is a home that I’ll love and look after for a long time.
  2. Have you ever tried the Almond Cow? I hate the straining part of the homemade milk process!
    I have and I didn’t love it unfortunately. My motivation to buy it was the same–being annoyed with the straining process. The resulting milk from the almond cow had little bits that seemed clumpy when heated for a latte. If you’re using it to make nut milk for smoothies or cereal, I think it’s fine! I just found that the texture wasn’t as silky smooth as I would have liked and I always had chewable sediment at the bottom of my mug. I also felt like I didn’t get the most out of the nuts/seeds I was using–the milks would be surprisingly thin for the amount used.
  3. How to make sure you get enough protein? Do you keep track per meal?
    For a brief period of time, I used a tracking app just to see how much protein and fiber I was getting on normal days of eating. I was hitting between 60-80 grams of protein per day (and about 30 for fiber if anyone was wondering), which is fine for my activity level and current needs. Everyone is different though! My daily smoothie has about 30 grams and then the rest of the day, I’m getting protein from plenty of whole grains, legumes, sometimes tofu/tempeh, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  4. I keep ruining my Always Pans. What are your tips for keeping the non-stick lasting longer?
    There are a few guidelines to follow with nonstick pans to preserve the coating: 1️⃣ Never take them above medium heat on the stove, 2️⃣ Only use silicone or wood tools that will not scratch the surface, 3️⃣ Always preheat them with a little drizzle of oil, and 4️⃣ Let them cool completely before submerging in warm soapy water to clean with a soft sponge/cloth. One last thing: I learned from Wire Cutter/America’s Test Kitchen that nonstick pans are not designed to last a lifetime (like aluminum or cast iron). A good quality nonstick pan can go 5-6 years of frequent use if you take good care of it and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  5. I’m a new vegan. What are some of your fave dairy-free brands?
    For coffee creamer, I love Silk Half & Half. Nuts For Cheese makes incredible cheese board-style cheeses and also lovely butter. I also have been a fan of Miyoko’s products for a long time, but read recently that Miyoko herself was ousted from the company, so I want to look into that more. I typically make my own nut milk, but for smoothies I like classic Silk Soy Milk or EdenSoy. My favourite vegan yogurts are by Yoggu! and Culina for when I find myself in the US.
An overhead shot shows a small, frothy matcha latte and a few peaches nearby.
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  • Jenn

    I enjoy your ‘Saturday Sun’ every week. I look forward to it showing up in my email! Your provide a lot of truly poignant info for me, and I like the recipes you include, and that you frequently reference your cookbook (which I have on the kindle app). I find that the recipes of yours that I have made are delicious. Looking forward to more ‘Saturday Sun’!

  • Elizabeth

    Such sad news about the trouble happening with Miyoko Schinner and her (former) company. Thank you for sharing that – I hadn’t heard anything about it.
    Thank you yet again for posting these Saturday Suns. I always enjoy reading them and exploring the links. Have a great weekend!

  • Anne

    I watched Live To 100 last night in one sitting. It’s very good and makes me smile thinking of all my chubby, medication slugging friends and sibs who think my food choices are funny. I started eating WFPB in 2010 when I was told I had a hopeless, non-treatable cancer that would likely claim me in 6 months. Still here and eating and living as if I were in a Blue Zone.

    I especially love that the movie stresses moving about all day. So many seem to think as they age they should live on one level to avoid stairs. My parents lived to be just shy of 100 and took stairs practically two at a time to the end! Viva la staircase in my house.

    Another good live healthy for me is that I live a few blocks from my town’s shopping/library/USPS area and I walk to do all my errands. Also, get a big adorable and energetic poocher. Walk that 4-legger to the park and have a ball….literally have a ball!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Anne, I’m so glad eating a WFPB diet has had such a tremendous effect on your health! As a person who has also had cancer, it feels really important to me that people not perpetuate the idea that diet/lifestyle is enough to prevent or cure cancer. I was vegan for 12 years before my diagnosis, eating extremely healthy whole foods, and little to no added sugars, and I still got cancer. Unfortunately the wellness industry thrives on (mis)leading people to believe that it is possible to prevent or cure cancer with certain behaviors when there is actually no scientific evidence to back up these claims. A healthy diet can reduce one’s risk of developing certain cancers, but cannot prevent it. There are many people who eat a whole foods vegan diet that still develop cancer and need medical treatment in order to survive. I do agree, however, that there are certainly extensive benefits to following a healthy lifestyle (whatever each individual finds that to be for their own body) and I’m glad you have experienced this as well! Sending you my best for continued good health :)

      • Anne

        I did not say anything about not seeking medical help when ill. Sort if that was your interpretation.

        In actuality, the medical establishment gave up on me.