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Happy weekend! I’ve got a warm, lightly spiced, caffeine-free mug of coziness to set the tone. We kinda went wild with some minor house repairs, painting, installs, and a top-to-bottom clean last weekend, so we’re taking it easy for this one. We’re hopping over to the USA for an afternoon to pick up a few things. Sunday is gonna be spent snacking and watching a certain sporting event. I’m planning on making some epic vegan pizza with tons of olives, hot peppers, and pine nut parmesan, hummus and veggies, and maybe some of that buffalo-sauced cauliflower that everyone keeps going on about. Go team! ;) xo

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More love for pulses. A saviour to your health AND the land we’re here to look after. Have you taken the Pulse Pledge yet? :)

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Print the recipe here!
Serves: 1
Notes: Rooibos is my favourite variety of tea. It’s naturally sweet, caffeine-free, and apparently it helps with iron absorption too, which can never hurt for the plant-inclined. Because of the natural sweetness and a slight nutty edge, it makes a perfect latte. I do this up with coconut milk, warm spices and extra vanilla (in addition to the vanilla imbued rooibos that I start with). It’s so cozy and comforting to sip.

1 vanilla rooibos tea bag
6 oz boiling water
6 oz unsweetened plant-based milk
1 pitted Medjool date
1 teaspoon coconut butter/oil
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon + extra for dusting
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
freshly grated nutmeg, to taste

In your serving mug, brew the rooibos tea in the boiling water for at least 3 minutes.

In a small saucepan over medium, bring the plant milk, date, coconut butter, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to a light boil. Carefully transfer the milk mixture to your blender and blitz on high for 20 seconds or so.

Pour the frothy warm milk mixture over the tea. Sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg over the top. You can leave the teabag in or take it out. Rooibos only gets better with longer steeping time.

06/02/2016 (Last Updated: 06/02/2016)
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