The Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First Mess
We are in deep with summer and all of its tomatoes and zucchini, and I know that no one is really DYING for a recipe like this, but I think you might thank me later when Fall creeps in, school is back, and we’re all transitioning back into that cozily embraced routine. I held a poll on Instagram asking whether you wanted this recipe or a summery pasta and while the pasta had more votes, way more people messaged me privately about the oatmeal. So I’m overruling the popular choice for now. Again, I have a hunch that you’ll thank me later.

So what’s with the click bait-y title? My favourite ingredient lately is coconut milk powder. Lots of people use it as a “creamer” for coffee, and it really is nice blended up in fancy superfood/regular food lattes. You don’t have to remember to soak nuts or have raw nut butter on hand or anything. Just plop a spoonful of this lovely powder into your beverage, whisk or blend it really well, and you’re good to go. It’s also amazing in smoothies and great to have around for curries and stews if you’re like me and you always THINK that you have cans of coconut milk around but you actually don’t. Since I’ve been loving on this stuff, I’m always looking for more ways to use it!

When we go camping, we usually do oatmeal for breakfast a couple times. Previously, I would pack up a little container of the rolled oats with nuts, seeds, and spices. Then at camp I’d mix it with hot water and some nut butter to make it rich and creamy. The last two times, I packed oatmeal in the style of this recipe and it was way creamier and honestly better in terms of a more pure and clean flavour. Also, we still served the oatmeal with nut butter and other stuff on top because I love my healthy fats.

You might be wondering: does it taste really coconut-y? I honestly don’t think so! Maybe I’m blind to the flavour of coconut because I consume so much of it (SO much lol), but I just find this oatmeal to be pleasantly creamy in a neutral way. Also, the addition of cinnamon and vanilla powder really helps overtake any coconut flavour. I’ve been using Herbologie’s True Cinnamon lately and it’s just so fragrant, bright and sweet. A true game-changer when you’re dealing with such a simple food like oatmeal.

Anyway! If you need to change up your desk breakfast or you’re seeking a healthy and cozy routine as you think about heading back to school, I think this super creamy DIY instant oatmeal may be just the thing. Way tastier and definitely less waste than those silly little packets/cups. Keep a little private reserve of maple syrup in your desk drawer and you’re set ;)

The Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First MessThe Creamiest DIY Instant Oatmeal - The First Mess
Print the recipe here!
NOTES: I found that the amount of water needed to prepare the oatmeal changed depending on what kind of vessel I was using. In a wide bowl, I used about ½ cup. In a taller jar, I went with ¾ cup. Also, everyone likes a slightly different texture with oatmeal. Start with ½ cup and go from there!
-There is no substitute for coconut milk powder in this recipe! You can find it on Amazon (affiliate link) and through Thrive Market. For my Canadians, I’ve purchased it at Bulk Barn before and you can also get it through Natura Market online.
-I love vanilla powder for smoothies, adding beautiful little flecks to baked goods, elixir-style drinks, and (obviously) in this oatmeal! This wonderful ingredient can be found online.
-I still like to sweeten my oatmeal with maple syrup once it’s prepared, but you could certainly add a spoonful of coconut palm sugar (or whatever dry sweetener you like) to each serving of the mix.
-I tend to like a bit of chew with my oats and find that 2 minutes is just right, but if you like yours completely soft, I’d allow more time.

3 cups rolled oats (certified GF if necessary), divided
⅓ cup coconut milk powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
½ teaspoon sea salt

chopped dried fruit
chopped nuts or seeds
granulated sweetener of choice
ground spices like cardamom, nutmeg and ginger
maple syrup, for topping

In the bowl of a food processor, add 1 ½ cups of the oats. Pulse the oats until you have a coarse meal. Some of the oats with have ground as fine as flour. Transfer the ground oats to a large bowl.

To the ground oats, add the remaining rolled oats, coconut milk powder, cinnamon, vanilla powder, and salt. Stir to combine. Using a ½ cup measure, portion the dry oatmeal mix out into 6 jars/other reusable containers.

To prepare, add ½ cup – ¾ cup boiling water (see headnote) to dry oatmeal mix. Stir to combine and then cover with the jar lid or a small plate to “cook.” Wait 2 minutes. Once the time is up, stir the creamiest DIY instant oatmeal once more. Top with nut butter, fruit, maple syrup, and anything else you like. Enjoy immediately.

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