Mint Chip Espresso Shake

Created by Laura Wright
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Mint chip espresso shake is fresh, caffeinated, lightly sweet, wholesome take on takeout blended coffee drinks. Naturally sweetened!

I guess I’m back on it with these weekend beverage + links posts, starting with this mint chip espresso shake! I flip flopped on doing a newsletter with this style of content for so long that I sort of lost the ambition/spark to do it. Everyone tells you that your email subscriber list is your number one marketing tool, but with our community situation here, it just feels more natural to share this stuff directly to the blog where anyone can access it.

Of course if you’re not subscribed to my blog updates, you can do that in the form below. I think going forward, this additional supplementary blog post can be a spot for more casual recipes like (of course) beverages, sauces, a special spice blend, maybe a really simple side dish or something, you get the idea!

I also have to mention that, yes, the flip-flopping on the email vs. blog question definitely lowered any creative ambition in terms of making this style of content again, but the onset of the pandemic had a similar, much more intense effect. That’s why I haven’t been posting here as much the last few weeks.

We’ve been cooking a lot of the same things over the past few months, and I’ve been personally focusing on home projects and other creative pursuits. It’s just the natural ebb and flow of a creative career, but multiplied by a hundred when you factor in stay-at-home orders. I saw this tweet from a popular CBC host and related to it instantly. I know how fortunate we are to be in good health and I am grateful for all that we have. Remembering that everything is temporary and that it’s normal to have an anxious/off day has lifted me out of the tougher moments. We’re all in it together, today and always.

Here’s some things that I read, saw, listened to lately while we continue to stay home and do our part. Check them out while you enjoy a mint chip espresso shake ;)

-I am such a fan of Dr. Michael Greger and was thrilled to hear him on the latest episode of the Rich Roll Podcast. Maybe you’ve heard of his book How Not To Die? He’s also the founder of, which is a not-for-profit nutrition and health resource that is wholly rooted in science and the latest peer-reviewed research. His common sense advice and service-driven approach is always so refreshing.

-There was a major dust up in the food media world a couple weeks ago that I think forced a lot of people to really look at what they’re doing, creating, communicating, and promoting in terms of cuisine and ingredients–myself included. This article illuminated a lot for me. “Less important than ascribing a strict lineage, or, worse, the retrogressive idea of cultural ownership, is the question of whether, say, a person of color could have also made a stew featuring chickpeas and turmeric go viral.”

-My latest Instagram obsession is the feed of landscape artist Lily Kwong. Not only does she share her otherworldly installations, but she also posts great tips about foraging, edible weeds, and a lot of good reminders that building a natural world takes time and patience :)

-Could not be more excited for Taste The Nation. I’ve been a card carrying member of the Padma Lakshmi super-fan club for a while.

-Two very different books that I read recently and really enjoyed: Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Fiber Fueled by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz.

-An older article that found its way to me at precisely the right time. On building your life around healthy habits and re-wiring your brain.

-Iowa Farm Sanctuary’s newest resident is so sweet :)

Mint Chip Espresso Shake

Mint chip espresso shake is fresh, caffeinated, lightly sweet, and a more wholesome take on takeout blended coffee drinks. Naturally sweetened!
5 from 1 vote
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings 1 -2


  • ¾ cup non-dairy milk
  • 2 shots of espresso (see notes for alternatives)
  • ¼ cup mint leaves (do not pack)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tablespoon nut/seed butter of choice (I used almond)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • tiny pinch of sea salt
  • sweetener of choice, to taste
  • ice (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon cacao nibs



  • No problem if you can’t make espresso at home! Just use ¼ cup very strong coffee or even strongly brewed herbal “coffee” like Teeccino.
  • You can skip the vanilla if you’re using an “unsweetened vanilla” type of non-dairy milk.


  • In an upright blender, combine the non-dairy milk, espresso, mint, banana, nut/seed butter, vanilla, sea salt, sweetener of choice, and ice (if using). Blend on high until smooth, about 30 seconds. Turn off the blender and add the cacao nibs. Blend the shake one more time until you have little cacao nib flecks, about 5 seconds. Enjoy the mint chip espresso shake immediately!
30/05/2020 (Last Updated 18/03/2024)
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  • Cassie

    I’ve made this probably 20 or more times now and it’s amazing! I never have mint around so I use mint extract (about 1/2 tsp) and lately have been subbing the espresso with a bit more soy milk and some cocoa powder because I can’t have that much caffeine. Just as good, thanks for this awesome recipe.

  • Christine

    Have been making this regularly and it is delicious. Love being able to use the mint in my garden.

  • Nancy

    I tried at my home , it’s really yummy!

  • Dana

    I tried your recipe recently using coconut milk and loved it! May freeze my next batch in popsicle molds – the perfect sweet treat to enjoy on hot summer days. :-)

  • Nicole Becker

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m not a banana fan though – any thoughts on a substitute? Love your blog and the weekend beverage/link posts! Thanks :)

  • drsemna

    This shake was SO yum, highly recommend!

  • Justine

    This shake was SO yum, highly recommend!

  • Melissa

    Thank you, I’ve missed these posts!

  • Laura

    This was a great recipe. I didn’t have any espresso so I tried it with the Sprout Living Coffee Mushroom flavor protein as the substitute. It was a nice change to my post workout smoothy.

  • Lacey

    That shake sounds SO GOOD and fresh mint is in abundance at my house right now. Perfect timing. I’ve missed your weekend casual recipe and link posts and really enjoyed reading through this one :)

  • susan m

    Just signed up for the newsletter–love your recipes and also value this kind of content very much. thank you, Laura.

  • Emily Frigon

    Hi Laura, this looks delicious! I’m curious if you’ve tested with peppermint extract? I don’t have steady access to fresh herbs right now and am curious if that could be subbed. Thank you!

    • Laura

      Hi Emily! I think peppermint extract would work fine here. I’d start with 1/4 teaspoon and use more if you think it’s necessary.

    • Tracey

      Hi Laura:

      This smoothie sounds similar to your matcha mint chip shake which no longer seems to be on your site. Love the idea of casual recipes.

  • Donna-Jane

    Good Morning ~ who can say no to the trifecta of coffee, mint and chocolate? Very insightful post and I’m cooking often from your book! This email reminder works for me too~ I’m looking forward to giving this a whirl

  • aasta schneider

    thank-you for this post…i missed reading our insights/sharings!!!