Cool, Calm Chamomile Iced Latte with Vanilla

Created by Laura Wright
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Cool and calming chamomile iced latte with vanilla. This is a refreshing summer drink that's perfect for relaxing into the afternoon.

Vegan chamomile iced latte

Calm chamomile with vanilla and ice cold non-dairy milk. One sip Of this chamomile iced latte is soothing, refreshing, and hydrating–all the forces we need more of these days.

You make a double strength brew of chamomile tea, sweeten it to your liking, pour it into a glass full of ice, and then top it off with your favourite milk and a shake of cinnamon. Sip it outside on some grass if you can :)

We’re having another chilled out weekend at home (as part of our chilled out summer at home hehe). We’re doing some home projects that we’ve been putting off and cooking a few things from this beautiful cookbook. Leaving you with this refreshing sip and a few links that I enjoyed or learned something from this week.

-Palm oil is a heated topic in the vegan community. The production of oil using the whole fruit in West Africa is a far cry from the refined product used in processed foods. “Suggesting that West African cuisine reconsider an ingredient that corporations have come to produce and exploit is like arguing a fonio farmer in Senegal should not water her crops because somewhere else in the world water is sold in plastic bottles.”

-I love Alicia Kennedy’s writing on food and related food issues, and have linked to it here before! I signed up for her newsletter last week and would recommend that you do the same.

-I’m learning a lot from the All My Relations podcast about representation of Native peoples in media and what it means to be a Native person in these times. This episode on Food Sovereignty was enlightening.

-Well, this article on avocado oil was a bummer! “According to the study, 82 per cent of commercially available avocado oils had either gone off prior to their best-before dates or had been adulterated with cheaper fats.”

Black Communities Have Always Used Food as Protest

Across the country, restaurateurs and chefs are reinvigorating familiar dishes of Mexican and Mexican American cooking for a new generation while also nudging the cuisine closer to its pre-Columbian heritage, an omnivorous but plant-heavy diet rooted in corn, beans, squash, wild greens, cactus, nuts and chiles.”

-I know that a lot of us have made choices to live differently in the past few weeks, and this post illustrates some of those common goals so beautifully.

Vegan chamomile iced latte

Chamomile Iced Latte with Vanilla

Cool and calming chamomile iced latte with vanilla. This is a refreshing summer drink that's perfect for relaxing into the afternoon.
4.84 from 6 votes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • 2 teaspoons loose chamomile tea or 2 tea bags
  • ½ cup boiling water
  • agave nectar or other sweetener, to taste
  • cups ice
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ cup unsweetened non-dairy milk
  • ground cinnamon for sprinkling on top


  • If you tend to have sweetened, vanilla-flavoured non-dairy milk in stock at your house, you can skip the vanilla and sweetening step! :)
  • Your glass needs to have a minimum 2 cup-capacity.


  • Place a tea strainer in a liquid measuring cup. Measure the chamomile into the strainer and pour the boiling water over top. Let the chamomile steep for 4 minutes. Once the 4 minutes is up, remove the tea strainer and sweeten the chamomile to your liking.
  • Fill your serving glass with the ice and pour the chamomile tea over top. Add the vanilla extract and non-dairy milk to the glass and stir to combine. Dust the top of the chamomile iced latte with cinnamon if you like. Enjoy!
27/06/2020 (Last Updated 14/03/2024)
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Recipe Rating

  • Suzanne Barnes

    5 stars
    I love it! Almond milk unsweeted, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tsp of cinnamon.. its my midnight drink.. especially with my burned mouth.. thanks

  • Suzanne Barnes

    4 stars

    Tasted pumpkin pie.. Ill sleep well, Im sure and it doesnt remove munchies craving.. Yhanks a bunch, you may have saved my health/-


  • Tara

    5 stars
    This was super yummy! I kept it warm but did everything else. My new favorite way to drink chamomile tea. 

  • Rhiannon

    Well, I tried was really weird and tasted awful…maybe I overstepped the herb a bit. I drink herbal brews daily, and I know their flavours pretty well, but chamomile can be exceptionally bitter unless it’s brewed exactly right. Mea culpa, I think! I ended up giving it to the dogs; they loved it (anything with any kind milk they’ll drink eagerly!).

    • Kevin

      Feeding it to the dogs – what every recipe developer loves to hear

  • Joyce

    Perfect!!!! I feel cooler and more relaxed already!
    Chamomile is also reported to support health in so many ways, one of which
    just uncovered is thyroid cancer prevention. Who knew!
    Love, love, love your work/recipes/photos.
    Thank you for sharing!