Tahini Shake with Cinnamon & Lime - The First Mess
Hey, happy weekend! I’m spending part of mine making a whole bunch of snack boards and little bites for a family function (and therefore guzzling coffee for a day straight hehe). Other than that, I’m hoping to get some stuff around the house done, maybe a little tiny bit of work, have a chill hang with some friends, and very casually start planning my holiday decor for this year. Nothing too major! Just a little reminder to my American friends who might be doing some last minute planning: I’ve got all of my holiday/celebration recipes linked on one page right HERE. While you’re planning, you can sip on this creamy and cinnamon-y tahini shake. I’m really into having some healthy fat first thing in the morning lately, and this combination is just doing it for me.

On to the links! There’s a bit of an environmental consciousness theme today. I know that zero waste is kind of the movement du jour, along with conscious consumption, but I really do see it as a change that happens more effectively when undertaken slowly and piece by piece. From my own experience, trying to do everything at once leads to a total spiral of woes when I’m short on jars at the bulk store. It’s not productive!

Same goes for shaming people that use plastic either out of necessity or because they are uninformed. I have been on the receiving end of this shaming so many times on Instagram, and I’m a person that is up front about making that slow change, sometimes making mistakes, and never focusing on total perfection. This “gotcha!” attitude is completely counterproductive and, in my opinion, not rooted in a desire for a better world. More than anything else, it’s about the ego of that person.

I used to be this way with eating plant-based! I thought I was solving all of the world’s problems with this one facet of my life. It was incredibly naive, privileged, and probably extremely annoying for anyone around me at that time when I first started. If you’re making changes in your life because of environmental consciousness, great! Keep making them with momentum, intention, and positivity for all around you to experience, and let THAT be your message. Okay link time for real :)

Have you tried the facial massage method known as Gua Sha? It’s a relaxing practice that can lead to glowing skin . This instructional video from Golubka is perfect for newbs like me.

Completely excited (and admittedly nervous) to watch Our Planet, which is coming to Netflix soon. It’s a nature documentary series with David Attenborough that confronts the viewer with the worldwide realities of climate change as a result of fossil fuels, deforestation, over-fishing and other actions.

On dealing with Eco-Anxiety, which is a very real thing. Remembering that your lifestyle doesn’t have to immediately follow an all or nothing approach has been helpful for me. I keep cloth bags (totes and produce/bulk bags) in my car, my purse, and near my side door. I try to remember to refuse straws at restaurants. I use canning jars for pretty much everything. Switched to a bamboo toothbrush and silicone zippy bags. You get the idea. I still get annoyed/feel like I’m contributing to the end of the planet when I slip up though. Then I spiral down the slippery slope of “What even is the point?” Mama Eats Plants has some great thoughts about this in her trash jar post.

On oat milk and drinking so much coffee in one shift. Love these interviews with New York baristas and seriously feel like I could have read 100 more.

Some excellent tips for a more sustainable kitchen. I incorporate a lot of these, but still could stand to make the switch to biodegradable sponges and would love to find a local source of bulk dish soap (among other household items). Or maybe learn how to make it myself? What’s your favourite resource for DIY natural cleaning products?

This next one is a heart wrenching read. Those top restaurant and food lists are always a little icky to me, but this story of real world consequences and fallout for a family-owned and operated burger restaurant is particularly unsettling. “Or is this just what we are now — a horde with a checklist and a camera phone, intent on self-producing the destruction of anything left that feels real, one Instagram story at a time?”

Some self-care items that I’m really enjoying lately: Palo Santo & Rose Botanical Mist from Garden City Essentials, All The Feels diffuser blend from Saje Wellness, straight up unrefined sesame oil for moisturizing winter skin,  and Hu Kitchen’s Orange Dream Vanilla Cashew Butter chocolate bar :)

Recipes catching my eye: Honey-Mustard Almond & Dried Cherry Slaw (perfect holiday salad), Creamy Roasted Squash & Crispy Mushrooms, and FOUR! different ways to enjoy Roasted Brussels Sprouts!

This dog is so clever!

Tahini Shake with Cinnamon & Lime - The First Mess
Print the recipe here!
NOTES: I love the slightly bitter tahini with banana, warm cinnamon, and sharp lime. This recipe is so simple and I’m so into it, that I won’t even suggest substitutions for the core ingredients lol.
-A handful of mild greens or a spoon of flax/chia seeds goes virtually undetected in this tahini shake, so feel free to add them for a little nutrition boost.

1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk
2 tablespoons tahini (Soom is my favourite brand)
2 teaspoons lime juice
¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt
1 ripe banana, frozen for extra creaminess
a few cubes of ice (optional)

In an upright blender, combine the milk, tahini, lime juice, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, banana, and ice. Blend on high until smooth and creamy, about 45 seconds. Enjoy the tahini shake immediately.

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